The Male Gaze is having a rough year. Covid-era mask-wearing has rendered it practically unworkable. After all, how do you evaluate a woman if her face is covered in fabric? Objectifying women became so much harder since 2020. Thanks, Covid.

Even Saturday Night Live had a take on the havoc mask-wearing wreaks upon The Male Gaze with their hilarious spoof: “Bottom of Your Face.” …

Consider Them A Margarita for Your Ears

Summer officially begins on June 21st with the longest day of the year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). As you’re debating what light and frothy beach read you want to get into, this year, why not consider a “beach podcast” instead? I’m…

Prejudice is fear of “The Other” but this is the other we all become one day

We’re superior. They suck. That’s otherism in a nutshell.

There’s another pandemic happening in America: an otherism pandemic. Otherism is the practice of reducing and dehumanizing those who are unlike us — whether ethnically, socio-economically, racially, politically. It’s a two-pronged process that involves the exclusion of them while simultaneously venerating…

A story of grief, sewing, and surviving a pandemic.

In the 3rd week of March, when it became certain the Coronavirus crisis was here and it was real, I felt the early pangs of anxiety making their presence known at the hem of my consciousness. There was a thread of…

Ann Sloan

Ann Sloan is the creator of the comedy fiction podcast, The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles. She is a writer and former TV professional from Los Angeles.

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